Our Expertise : No Dig (Trench-less Technology)

Our advanced trenchless Drilling and service are specifically engineered for critical applications to meet a variety of environmental operating conditions and also local and international standards. In No-dig working procedure, we provide complete Trenchless solutions for new installation and rehabilitation works.

We offer advice and expert solutions, right from conception of idea to completion and are relied on our expertise for safe, innovative and cost-effective underground installations. Out experience in working on varied trenchless projects gives us a real knowledge and edge. We know how important it is to look at our customer’s individual needs when helping them with a no-dig solution; no matter what the problems are and how demanding the job is.

We offer installations for Drainage, Water, Gas, Communication, Electric and Chemical Underneath Roads, Rivers, Buildings, Structures, Existing Services, Garden and Driveways.

Wizard of Tunneling in Rocky Terrain

Vichitra and its operatives command expertise in installing new underground connections in the most difficult ground conditions. We have specialty in dealing with typical problems that arises during tunneling of the constructive manner, resulting intheminimum of delay. We’re privileged to have exemplary track record of best execution in most difficult rockey terrain at udaipur (Rajasthan), Nasik (Maharashtra), Kota (Rajasthan) & Bhopal (MP).

Trenchless Technology — The Future of Tunneling

India offers a huge market for adoptions of trenchless technology. Our metropolitan cities and other fast growing state capitals are congested and are in Immediate need for augmentation of old water supply and sewage pipeline. Installation of new communication cables, power cables. gas pipeline is the need of hour. The extent of the use of trenchless technology can be judged by the fact that in India around 10.000 km of work is done through trenchless technology every year. Trenchless Technology using ‘NO -DIG’ method is best possibility to the installation of all kind of utilities. It lays cables as well as pipes of steels and plastic installed under street, rivers, drains, highways and railways without any digging and disturbance. It provides tremendous saving in maintenance and repairing to the damaged surface. Rivers and drains are crossed easily and aesthetically under their bed without the need of making separate bridges for pipelines. Big machines can install pipes up to 200 meters of length in a day having size of 300 mm.

How It Works?

Trenchless construction includes methods such as tunneling, Micro Tunneling (MTM), Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) also known as Directional Boring, Pipe Ramming (PR), Pipe Jacking (PJ), Moiling, Horizontal Auger Boring (HAB) and other methods for the installation of pipelines and cables below the ground with minimal excavation. Large diameter tunnels such as those constructed by a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and drill-and-blast techniques are larger versions of subsurface construction.

The difference between Trenchless and other subsurface construction techniques depends upon the size of the passage under the construction. If a subsurface construction does not permit human entry, it can be termed as trenchless.

The method requires considering soil characteristics and the load applied to the surface. In cases where soil is sandy, water table is at shallow depth, or heavy loads like that of urban traffic are expected, the depth of trenching has to be at a depth such that the pressure of the load on the surface does not affect the bore, otherwise there is a danger of surface caving in.

The trend in fact is continuing and the vast potential  of this environment friendly technology is unfolding everyday, benefiting the society as a whole.